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        OVERVIEW OF STUDYING IN CHINAFind a univeristy>>

        Outstanding Alumni

        Karim Masimov

        Karim Masimov Karim Masimov, the international lawyer, economist, well versed in Chinese, English and Arabic, he studied ...View Details>>

        Zhangren Huang

        Zhangren Huang, male, graduated from the Department of Civil Engineering of Wuhan University in 1938...View Details>>

        Excellent Chinese Education Experts

        Tongtao Zheng (Xiamen University)

        Tongtao Zheng (Australian dual Ph. D, doctoral supervisor), returned overseas Chinese from Australia...View Details>>

        Zhili Wang - (Outstanding teaching staff in China)

        After getting my master’s degree in 1997, I was taught in the Chinese Department of Tianjin Normal University for two years...View Details>>