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        Welcome to Jianghan University(江漢大學)

        This half century having witnessed the growth of Jianghan University, the spring breeze of reform has brought favorable opportunity for her leaping growth. Today she is like a pearl enchased by the Triangle Lake on the Yangtze Rive. Under the guidance of the major theories of “Three Representatives” and “Scientific Development”, the university has made great achievements, being praised as “a new star in the reform and development of Chinese higher education”.

        With the major site in Hanyang and 2 branch campuses in Hankou and Wuchang , the university now occupies a total area of 140.96 million square meters and a floorage of 54 million square meters. There are 18 schools, including School of Business, School of Politics and Law, School of Humanities, School of Art, School of Electromechanical and Architectural Engineering, School of Physics and Information Engineering, School of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, School of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering, Scho..View more

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        Program Degree Tuition Details
        Internatinoal Economics and Trade Bachelor's Degree RMB 10000/Y Details
        Environment Science and Engineering Bachelor's Degree RMB 15000/Y Details
        Business Administration Bachelor's Degree RMB 10000/Y Details

        Welcome?to?study?at Jianghan University(江漢大學)